Services -# VHQCVVMaterial; -#SSNSearch; -#DLLookup; -We got firsthand stuff only, exclusively single sale rule; -We use private technologies. In Yale Lodge no sellers stuff, only our own; -We acceptBitcoin,Litecoinas payment method; -Multi-level bonus system for recharging balance, low prices, huge discounts; -Qualified support with extensive experience, able to solve any disputable situation; -We always welcome feedback. As we maintain our 100% response rate, we work professionally in the team to answer all queries and inquiries promptly; Refund Policy -We do not process manual refund requests for databases with automatic REFUND option. -For databases withNOREFstatus we process refunds only when incorrect - ccNUM, CVV, EXP. -For databases withREFUNDoption we give you 10 minutes for card check after purchase. -The decision for refund will be made based on the statistics of your account. Registration Terms -Registration is FREE; -Registration is carried out on a free will; -We reserve the right to refuse a replace without explaining the reasons; -The return of funds from the balance is impossible. TOR:yaleshopurdewuubyrmpnhyphkpjmgpurd54dso3s36xtlemrlrhvjad.onion

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